What is a hernia?

A hernia is a weakness or tears in the abdominal muscle wall, which normally holds the inner lining of the abdomen and internal organs in place. It allows the inner lining to extend and form a bulge. The bulge is usually a loop of intestine extending through the tear in the muscle and into that pouch. When a hernia has appeared, it isn’t very likely to resolve alone.

It’s a popular belief that when you lift heavy objects causes a hernia. Most people who have weakness in the muscle also face the hernia problem. Dr. Sachin Deore is an Hernia Surgeon in Nashik, he provides laparoscopic treatment for Hernia Problem.


What are the causes?

1. External Pressure on abdomen.

2. Constipation, heavy weight lifting.

3. Growing Age, prolonged coughing/sneezing.

What are its symptoms?

1. Severe pain in the groin.

2. A lump in the groin or scrotum.

3. Weakness & pressure in your abdomen, groin or scrotum.

4. At times the hernia becomes ‘strangulated’ where the person appears ill with/without fever, nausea, vomiting and extreme pain even to touch, such case causes to a surgical emergency.

Advantages of Laparoscopic surgery:

1. Time taken for surgery is less as compared to traditional surgery.

2. After the surgery, the patients can go home on the same day after monitoring.

3. Recovery time is less; a patient can restart its routine in a week.

4. It is less painful and scars less.


Important instructions before surgery:

1. Patients must discuss their medical history with doctor including the medicines taken for the same.

2. Try to stay on light meal before surgery.

3. Take proper rest.

Important instructions after surgery:

1. Initially take a sip of water and have a regular diet an hour later. (Unless advised by doctor.)

2. Follow instructions given by your doctor and nurses.

3. It is advisable that a responsible adult take you home and stay with you for 24 hours due to the anesthesia effect.

Know more about Hernia Treatment from Laparoscopic Surgeon in Nashik Dr. Sachin Deore.

Dr. Sachin Deore is an Associate Fellow in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and an Hernia Surgeon in Nashik. Currently, he is serving at Saru Hospital. He not only has the knowledge and expertise but also addresses a diverse set of health ailment and conditions and prevents them. Dr. Sachin Deore deals with diseases related to varicose veins, gallbladder, appendix, hernia, piles, fitsula.

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